Antara Urban Sky Blue


    Every day is different. You need to have everything organized, because your daily needs force you to cover more and more areas. And that implies a perfect planning.

    Now, imagine having a personal assistant by your side. It helps you to organize your day to day. Get that you enjoy doing it. And it creates the optimal environment for the accomplishment of all your tasks.

    Antara Urban is going to be your Personal Assistant.

    All your needs will be covered, because your planner will adapt to you and not you to your planner.

    Made in leather, a leather that when you get older will have a patina that will embellish it even more.

    Interior formed by four booklets, three quarterly and one for notes (lined, hexagonal or dotted).But if you want another type of booklet more adapted to your needs, and you can not find it on the web, we do it for you. As we said that this planner adapts to you, it was not to say.

    As accessories, a Kraft cardboard folder, a plastic cover with zip pocket and card covers, bookmarks and holding pens.

    You can choose between carrying all the booklets in your planner. Or two. Or whatever you want.

    Being a modular planner allows you to use it as you wish. And next year, you will only have to replace the refills.As you see, each annual agenda is unique. Special and exclusive, like the good things made by hand. And imperfect. Yes, with that wonderful imperfection of good things made by hand.


    A5 (14.8 x 21cm).


    Leather or natural leather to wrap the interior. Metal buckle to keep it closed or rubber band.


    4 booklets

    Cardboard kraft of 300 gr.

    Bound with chiyogami paper and Beardow Adams tail.

    Golden brass index aged in each folder.

    Manual binding, sewn by hand.Folder of pockets for cards and / or several, more kraft folder.

    Ballpoint pen and ruler / marker in gold.